Hot tub for bathing made of recycled plastic (ECO, green) with a sheating made of fiberglass which is laminated with boards made of plastic and integrated oven. Hot tub has 2 seats for children.



Tünn hall seestWP_002935

Price:  1650 euros + VAT .

A big plus of this hot tub is that because of the integrated oven what is made from 3mm aluminum and with a glass door. The oven has an ash tray. The oven can be heated up with firewood up to 50 cm.

The warranty for laminated boards from plastics which is used for sheating – 10 years. Sheating is available in various colors.

Long service life.

Easy cleaning and maintenance of fiberglass and laminated plastic.

The price includes: fiberglass lining, fiberglass lid, plastic frame, laminated boards, integrated oven, 2 m chimney pipe, 1 m protective grill of chimney, staircase etc.

Product dimensions


  • Outer diameter: 2000mm
  • Inner diameter: 1850mm
  • Height: 1000mm
  • Weight: 200kg
  • Volume: 1150l
  • Power: 30kw
  • Number of people: 6-8
  • Heating time 5-38C: 1,5-2h