Premium Deluxe hot tub

2268 (sis. KM)

Integreeritud ahjuga kümblustünni küljelauad on valmistatud ümbertöödeldud plastikust (ECO, roheline toode), pvc laudisest ja termotöödeldud puidust. Vann ja vanni kate on valmistatud klaasplastikust. Kümblustünnis on ka 2 istekohta lastele. 

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Pruun PVC
Hall PVC
Hall plastik
Hall struktureeritud plastik
Pruun struktureeritud plastik
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Premium hot tub with integrated oven

NEW! Now available with thermal wood exterior!

Premium Deluxe kümblustünni ahi on valmistatus 3mm merealumiiniumist! Integreeritud ahjuga kümblustünni valmistamisel kasutatakse taastoodetud plastikust (ECO, roheline toode) laudist, pvc kattega laudist. Nende eeliseks on vähene hooldusvajadus ja ilmastikukindlus, mis tagab pika ja murevaba kasutuse. Kasutatakse ka termotöödeldud laudist. Vann ja vanni kate on valmistatud klaasplastikust. Vann on ergonoomilise sisuga.

  • Interior + cover is available in four colors (white, blue, brown and gray)
  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to maintain
  • Saadaval on erinevatest materjalidest ja värvitoonides laudist


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Pruun PVC
Hall PVC
Hall plastik
Hall struktureeritud plastik
Pruun struktureeritud plastik






Kõrgekvaliteedilisest merealumiiniumist 35kw ahi

Meie poolt pakutav kahekambriline integreeritud kümblustünni ahi on valmistatud kõrgekvaliteedilisest 3mm merealumiiniumist. Alumiiniumahju eelised:

  • Better thermal conductivity, which saves a lot of time and fuel. The oven can be heated with up to 50 cm of wood. The oven has a glass door and an ashtray. The diameter of the chimneys is 150 mm.
  • The thermal conductivity of aluminum is about 15 times better than the thermal conductivity of stainless steel. The time required for heating the barrel and the consumption of firewood is about 30% less in the case of an aluminum stove.
  • Aluminum ovens have a longer lifespan than stainless steel ovens. The thickness of the material used is 3 mm, which is twice as much as in conventional stainless steel furnaces. However, the aluminum oven is 30% lighter.
  • The aluminum furnaces we offer keep their shape for a long time.
  • High quality MIG welding ensures a correct visual appearance. All welds have been inspected and tested for leaks.


Hind sisaldab:

Integreeritud 3mm merealumiiniumist kahekambriline 35kw ahi

2meetrit 150mm läbimõõduga korstnatorud

Chimney protection

Klaasplastikust ergonoomilise sisuga vann

Klaasplastikust kuppelkate

Taaskasutatud plastikust laudis, pvc laudis või termopuit(viimistletud puidukaitsevahendiga)




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Technical specifications:

  • Outer diameter: 2000mm
  • Inner diameter: 1850mm
  • Height: 1000mm
  • Weight: 230kg
  • Volume: 1150l
  • Võimsus: 35kw
  • Number of people: 5-7
  • Heating time 5-38C: 1.5-2h


Hot tub product sheet

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Internal color

Grey, Brown, Blue, White