Hot tub rental on a trailer​

Do you want to have a nice weekend or anniversary? Hot tub rental makes it even more enjoyable!

Kümblustünni rendi näitamine kliendile


60€ + KM​



Buy trailer with hot tube

4500€ + KM

More about the rental

Rent yourself a pleasant and comfortable stay! You can rent for various anniversaries and events, be it a nice weekend with your family or partying with friends. The hot tub can accommodate 5-7 people and the expected heating time is 1.5-2 h depending on the initial water temperature.

The hot tub is on the trailer and can be placed in a convenient place for you. The main thing is that it can be reached by car.

Technical specifications

  • Suitable for: 5-7 people
  • Heating time: 1.5-2 h
  • Volume: 1200 l
  • Weight: 740 kg