Plasteral OÜ

Let's get to know each other

We are a manufacturer, producer and seller of hot tubs in Järvamaa.

Our story

Easy-care plastic tables laid the foundation for a great product - recycled plastic in the exterior finish allows you to enjoy the hot tub for a very long time.

We manufacture hot tubs with an integrated oven, the interior of which is made of easy-care fiberglass and recyclable plastic in external finishing, so to speak, a green product. The hot tub is maintenance-free, for example, unlike many other wooden hot tub models, no side costs will be incurred in the future to maintain the side tables.

 We also sell tanks, septic tanks and other fiberglass products.

Sale at fairs and exhibitions

We are not left out of fairs or trade fairs. That's where you get the best overview of our products.

Going to fairs gives you the best overview of the hot tub. We have even heated the hot tub and let people rest and relax there. Believe me, it became a highlight for people who dared to try.

Toomas Leif

Board member