Wooden hot tub with plastic interior and internal oven

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Easy, convenient and enjoyable to use

Wooden hot tub with plastic interior and internal oven. This product is characterized by simplicity. That's all you need from one hot tub!


What does the price include?

The hot tub set includes fiberglass interior, wooden casing, exterior finishing, bottom beams, 2 stainless steel rods, benches, marine aluminum outdoor oven (no.1), drain and stair.



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Technical specifications


  • Material: pine/spruce
  • Outer diameter: 1750mm
  • Inner diameter: 1550mm
  • Height: 1100mm
  • Depth inside: 960mm
  • Wall thickness: 43mm
  • Bottom thickness: 33mm
  • Weight: 230kg
  • Capacity: 1100l
  • Number of people: 3-4
  • Heating time 5-38C: 1.5-2h



  • Material: pine/spruce
  • Outer diameter: 1900mm
  • Inner diameter: 1700mm
  • Height: 1160mm
  • Depth inside: 1000mm
  • Wall thickness: 45mm
  • Bottom thickness: 33mm
  • Weight: 270kg
  • Capacity: 1400l
  • Number of people: 6-8
  • Heating time 5-38C: 1,5h



Additional information

Internal color

Grey, Blue


1,75m, 1,9m

Oven power